Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Can't Ignore it anymore

It's summer. Its been summer for 3 weeks, and it's starting to hit me. Soon I'll be going to L.A. and from there to Hong Kong and I wont be back for 10 months... What have I gotten my self into.

While school was going I could ignore it. It was so far off. I studied Chinese but I wasn't really thinking of what it would be like I was trying to get through school here. Summer started and I wasn't thinking about Hong Kong I wasn't thinking about anything, but now it's creeping into my conscience. It's less than 2 months out. I find myself day dreaming of what it will be like when I first arrive, what classes will be like. I ask my self "WHY DIDN'T YOU CHOOSE FRANCE? YOU KNOW SOME FRENCH, WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOUR SELF INTO!" but those are just moments.

10 months is a long time.

I should get back to working on my independent study class.

This is the beginning.