Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sorry it's been so long

I keep forgetting i have this thing!

Well everything here is going pretty well over all.
March was one long boring month. I only had one day off school durring the whole month so i spend most of my day's staring at my math book wondering when my teacher was going to let us out for lunch.

I did mannage to get some things done. I went to go see the Big Buddha on Lantau Island. There is a 40 foot tall statue of Buddha there. They have build a cable car out to where the buddha is. It's supposed to be a big tourist attraction. However two different car's have fallen off the cable car in the 3 years since the Cable car has opened. So me and my friends took the bus. Also the bus was 4$ US and the cable car was 20$ sooo...

The buddha was fun. I Also reciently went out to Churn Chow Island. Hong Kong is made up of many many islands. the two biggest are Hong Kong island, where i live, Lantau, where the Airport is. There are a number of smaller islands where people live. You can get there by going to the Ferry peir under the IFC in central. Churn Chow and Lama islands are two of the bigger out laying islands. Churn Chow has a Bun Festival once a year that it is quite famous for. However it wasn't that time of year. We went there to go swimming there were a couple of beaches there and we picked one and went for a swim. It's still pretty cool here it's not quite full blow summer but it was still nice to go swimming. The islands are a really nice place because they are so different from HK Island. Here there are always so many people running this way and that and it's all tall buildings and concrete in every direction. The islands have a bit slower pace of life there are beaches and trees and trails to get from one place to the next so you need to either walk or bike. There's no MTR or Tram or Busses.

I know i haven't put up many photo's lately and i'll try and get them up soon. there are jsut soooooooooo many of them.

Right now we are on the easter Holidays and AFS Hong Kong has a trip to Beijing. I will be leaving on the 16th and getting back on the 19th i'm really really excited!!!!! i'll take ton's of pictures and try not to get arrested for sedition.

I Hope your all doing well

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Patrick Belenky!