Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello All,

Happy New Years everyone.

Life here keeps rolling inexorably forward. It's the 11th and we are drawing closer to the half way point. On the 23rd i'll have been here for 5 months.

After being here for 5 months i really feel like i'm starting to get to know the city a bit better. I know my neighbor hood much better than i did a month ago (thanks to the copious amount of time off I've had) I've gotten better acquainted with Causeway Bay and Wan Chai.

A change has come over me recently, I find my self thinking not about what food and things i'm missing in America but what food and things from Hong Kong i won't be able to find once I've come back.

This was my first week back at school. I did go back on friday the 2nd because my school is insane but this was my first real week back. The good news is i passed all of my Exams! Even pure maths where i only got 35 out of 100 marks (that was the passing grade i got an E (yes they have a grade E here)) I got D's in both Chemestry and Physics, and of course the highest grade in English.

Hong Kong itself has changed over the past week. Yesterday we dropped below 10 degrees C it made it all the way to 8 degrees and i got to pull out both a coat and hat for the first time since landing here.

Me and my friends went around yesterday as usual from one point to the next without any actual aim. We ended up somewhere new this time. Instead of going to Kowloon Tong or Mong Kok we ended up at the IFC in central. The cool thing is we found this little area with wicker furniture where you can hang out and no one bothers you. Your right under the IFC too.

I've been enjoying having a computer again, Even though i'm probably spending more time than i should be on it. But what else is new.

Today was Hoho's birthday so we just had a party. I gave him two magnetic board games. Tuesday is my host mothers birthday so I need to figure out another gift for her.

I can't believe we are already in 2009. Me and Adrian have already finished teh first 4 books of harry potter. It doesn't feel like i jsut got here but it doesn't feel like it was very long ago either.

Anywho. Life rolls on.

I'll go put up some more photos on Myspace now.

Hope your all well.

I would love to hear from you guys feel free to shoot me an email or even better a real letter.

I'll post again Soon



Francine St. Laurent said...

Great blog! I noticed that too! I keep thinking of all the foods and little things in Denmark I'm going to miss when I get home.. I can't believe I'm already half way through my exchange.. truly insane. Keep writing! I keep reading :) francine

Anonymous said...

I've been studying Mandarin in school for a couple of months and was considering studying abroad in China. I know you went to Hong Kong, but I'm interested in how it worked for you getting credit for your school and if it was difficult to go to study with everything in a language other than English. If you can help me at all...Thanks!