Monday, December 8, 2008

Hello everyone!

So it's coming up on exams...

I was off monday and i have today and wensday off too. I didn't do any studying yesterday so i really should get on that. anywho.

Life here plod's along nicely. After exams comes the christmas vacation. We are having a chirstmas party for the exchange students at my appartment, i will post pictures of that.

It is rather strange me putting on a chirstmas party but whatever. I suppose i should set up a little thing for Haunaka and explain what it is to people. (one more thing to do!)

I've been Reading like CRAZY! one of the good thing's about being here is i really have gotten a chance to make a serious dent in my reading list!

Since here i've finished Atlas Shrugged, War for the Oaks, Siddhartha, Cathcher in the Rye, 1984, Watchmen, and Drums of Autumn. Those of you who were around durring the packing phase of this journy remember the Stack of books i wanted to bring and the ones that made the finial cut. But after 3 months of reading. i've made it through 90% of my books (the rest are loaned out to other exchange students).

On saturday i bought 2 books from Page One (one of the few decent english book stores here) "the unbearable lighness of being" by Milan Kuendra and "The Road" By Cormac McArthy. In the two days since saturday I've already read 2/3rds of "the unbearable lightness of being" needless to say i will soon run out of books again. I was hoping some of you might happen to send me some books that you enjoy.

I would be most greatful!

and i would then have your address and the ability to pester you with leters!

I hope all goes well back in the states.



MWR said...

What address should we send our favorite books to????

Dystopia27 said...

flat B 10/f block 7
provident Centre
North Point
Hong Kong

thank's in advance for the reading material :)

MWR said...

is it

Flat B 10 F Block 7

or is it

Flat B 101 F Block 7


The way it is typed it is hard to read...thanks!