Friday, February 6, 2009

A bought of Sickness

Hello all,

Still here in Hong Kong,

Thursday I went back to school, where I failed a chem test.
Thursday night I went out with a friend and we wandered the Streets of Mong Kok looking through all the interesting piles of crap they where selling.

I got home and went to sleep, at 4 am i was up getting water when i realized i was probably sick. so i turned off my alarm and spent yesterday at home sitting around.
It's nothing that serious. Lot's of sneezing and a low fever, but enough to keep me out of school.

other than that thing's have been going spiffingly. I downloaded "Surely Your Joking Mr. Feynman" on Book on Tape and listened to that this week. That book is a whole lot of fun.

that's about it for now... i really can't think of much else note worthy that's going on. so yep

take care of yourselves I'll be back this summer.


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Francine St. Laurent said...

hey! great blog! I had a question though.. I'm assuming your classes are in English? I feel pretty silly asking.. but my friends here in Denmark from Hong Kong speak really really good English. Sounds like you're having fun! get better! and keep writing :)